Water-soluble powder with a high percentage (> 80%) of vegetal matrix free amino acids

These amino acids are present in L configuration, therefore they are promptly absorbable, allow the plant to save energy and to start biosynthetic processes quickly: furthermore they stimulate photosynthesis and plant development, postpone aging, create similar hormone actions, increase lignin and protein synthesis with an important role in stress related growth stops.

 Due to the high content of active bio precursors, increases fruit size and organoleptic qualities: due to its natural growth promoters from fruit set to fruit growth, increases qualitative and quantitative yields; furthermore it has a beneficial effect on vegetal metabolism.

Application guides

FOLIAR: 100 - 200 gr/hl


Aminoacidi: Compositions (g/100g protein)

Acido aspartico 4,30 Treonina 5,43
Serina 2,35 Acido glutammico 7,07
Glicina 23,0 Alanina 9,55
Cisteina 0,63 Valina 2,27
Metionina 0,72 Isolucina 1,48
Leucina 3,11 Tirosina 0,14
Felinanina 1,79 Lisina 2,77
Istidina 3,19 Arginina 0,9 
Prolina 14,5    

P.S.: I valori summenzionati sono approssimativi e soggetti a variazioni in quanto dipendono dalle materie prime. I valori sono il risultato di diverse forniture e delle loro analisi effettuate negli anni scorsi.