Hydrolysed animal protein: a powdered formula obtained via enzymatic hydrolysis. Hydro-soluble with a high concentration of essential amino acids.


  • Tankers
  • IBC tank of 1.250 Kg
  • Cans of 30 Kg
  • Cans of 10 Kg
  • Cans of 5 Kg
  • Cartoons with 12 bottles of 1 Kg


Favours the use of mineral fertilisers; when mixed, prevents nutritional unbalances with its stimulating action and may be used in fertirrigation in horticulture, fruit farming and nurseries as a stimulant to the root system.


Typical of the product, without foreign odours.


Organic nitrogen 15,5%
Water - soluble organic nitrogen 15,5%
Organic carbon of biological origin 42,7%
Ratio organic carbon/total nitrogen 2,7%


White coloured hydro-soluble powder. Non-corrosive.

Aminocids: Composition (g/100g protein)

Alanine 8,78 Lisine 3,92
Arginine 8,14 Methionine 1,18
Aspartic acid 6,34 Phenylalanine 2,03
Glutamic acid 10,1 Proline 12,3
Leucine 3,43 Serine 4,21
Glycine 21,9 Treonina 2,30
Hydroxypoline 11,0 Theorine 0,473
Histidine 1,11 Valine 2,74
Isoleucine 1,75 Cysteine and cystine 0,499
Methionine 0,788    

Above mentioned values are approximate and may vary according to the raw materials. Values shown result from multiple analyses on previous years supplies.