Scraps and by-products derived from slaughtering and alimentary fat production, treated with raw materials containing high levels of organic compounds and with enzymes, filtered and concentrated. Contains left-handed amino acids and peptides. This product is entirely water soluble and is stable in normal storage conditions. May be mixed with almost all hydro-soluble products.


Its diluted form is used in the production of organic and mineral fluid fertilisers and mixtures, or as  a direct  supply of organic nitrogen in fertilisations and treatments, especially in foliar applications.                                                  Do not use in its pure form.


Loosely in lorry-tanks, 1.300kg tanks, 30/10/5 kg jerry cans.


Dark amber coloured liquid. Specific weight ca. 1,25-1,28 g/ml. Pumpable.


DRY SUBSTANCE: (3 ore a 105°) ca. 60 %
Total NITROGEN (Dumas) 6,50 %
ORGANIC NITROGEN (Kjeldahl) 6,00 %
Ammoniacal NITROGEN 0,5 %
Organic CARBON 18 %
Organic Compound 52 %
Chlorides 5,0 %
pH (10% solution) 6,5 ca.

Aminoacidi: composizione (g/100g proteina)

Alanine 5,68 Lysine 3,33
Arginine 2,73 Methionine 0,115
Aspartic Acid 3,01 Phenylalanine 1,27
Cysteine < 0,02 Proline 5,44
Glutamic Acid 7,40 Serine 1,32
Glycine 7,94 Threonine 0,746
Hydroxyproline 3,80 Tyrosine 0,158
Histidine 3,44 Tryptophan 0,086
Isoleucine 1,11 Valine 1,69
Leucine 2,24