Scraps and by-products derived from slaughtering and alimentary fat production, treated with raw materials containing high levels of organic compounds and with enzymes, filtered and concentrated. Contains left-handed amino acids and peptides. This product is entirely water soluble and is stable in normal storage conditions. May be mixed with almost all hydro-soluble products.


Dry substance (3 hours  a 105 °C) ca. 60 %
Total nitrogen (Dumas) 8,50 %
Organic nitrogen (Kjeldahl) 7,70 %
Ammoniacal nitrogen 0,8 %
Organic carbon 23 %
Organic compound 50 %
Chlorides 5,0 %
pH (10 % solution) 6,5 ca.
Median molecular weight ca. 3.000 dalton


Loosely in lorry-tanks,

  • 1.200kg tanks
  • 30/10/5 kg jerrycans
  • cartons containing 12 bottles of 1 Kg. each.


Its diluted form is used in the production of organic and mineral fluid fertilisers and mixtures, or as a direct supply of organic nitrogen in fertilisations and treatments, especially in foliar applications. Do not use in its pure form.


Dark amber coloured liquid. Specific weight ca. 1,25-1,28 g/ml. Pumpable. Non-corrosive.


Typical of the product, without foreign odours.

Amino acids: Composition (g/100g protein)

Alanine 5,68 Lysine 3,33
Arginine 2,73 Methionine 0,115
Aspartic acid 3,01 Fenilalanina 1,27
Cysteine Proline5,44
Glutamic acid 7,04 Serine 1,32
Glycine 7,94 Theorine 0,746
Hydroxypoline 3,80 Tyrosine 0,158
Histidine 3,44 Tryphtophan 0,086
Isoleucine 1,11 Valine 1,69
Leucine 2,44    


Above mentioned values are approximate and may vary according to the raw materials. Values shown result from multiple analysis on previous years supplies.