KALIMAG is a liquid product with a particularly high concentration of free amino acids and oligopeptides, where Calcium and Magnesium are entirely complexed with the low molecular weight organic compound of our bio stimulant. Amino acids have a conveying function and therefore rapidly replenish the entire mineral fraction inside the cells, boosting leaves and cell wall absorption.

Application guides

KALIMAG is very effective against main physiopathologies due to lack of Calcium (rot, pitting, spots, desiccation, etc.) and Magnesium (desiccation and chlorosis). Recommended for tomatoes, melons, vines, ready-prepared fresh salads/vegetables, and for fruit and home-grown vegetables.


  • Tankers
  • IBC tank of 1.250 Kg
  • Cans of 30 Kg
  • Cans of 10 Kg
  • Cans of 5 Kg
  • Cartoons with 12 bottles of 1 Kg


Fertirrigation: 5 - 7 Kg/ha

Foliar appliucation: 250- 500 gr/hl


Organic nitrogen 3,0 %
Warter soluble organic nitrogen 3,0 %
Calcium oxide (CaO) entirely water soluble 8,0 %
Magnesium oxide (MgO) entirely water soluble 2,0 %
Organic carbon (C) 10 %